Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are located in Hangzhou, the beautiful city in Zhejiang province. Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new chemical material organization specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of organosilicon monomer and polymers. The company is devoted to improving the mechanical strength, anticorrosion and waterpro of capability, cohesive force of materials as well as the compatibility and dispersibility of inorganic pigments and so on. The company also helps its clients to optimize their techniques and formulas in an effort to obtain products that have performance advantages and are environmentally friendly. The research and development expenses that the company invests in annually account for 3%-4% of its sales volume and currently there are 50 independently researched and developed products that meet or above the international standards.

With its 200 established products, Feidianchem is aimed at providing services for over 5,000 clients all over the world concerning over 80 industries such as composite material, rubber tire, modified plastics, foundry, coating and ink, adhesive, textile and other industries. Feidianchem has set up 7 independent sales organizations nationwide with nearly 100 salespeople and technical service staff. Sticking with the ideology of customer first, we listen to the clients’ demands attentively and provide high quality solution for every client by means of offering professional techniques and services. 

Feidianchem adheres to creating values for clients based on technical innovation and realizing the harmonious coexistence between human beings and the environment. With the business philosophy of “Innovation, Excellence and Environmental Protection”, Feidianchem will continue to offer high quality products and services to its global users. In the future, Feidianchem will continue to work hard in the field of organosilicon and make great endeavors in chemical industry development, manufacturing improvement and environmental protection in China.

development history
  • Zhejiang Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd was established in Hangzhou city, where our dream begins.
  • Guangdong Sales office was established.
  • Hangzhou headquarters moved in the new office building.
  • Shanghai Sales office was established, it's mainly for export trade.
  • Jinan Sales office was established.
  • Chengdu & Tianjin Sales office was established.
  • R&D center was established.

    R&D center located in Hangzhou University Science Park, where has a national laboratory of organic silicon, the experiment provides a good test for us. At the present, our R&D center is mainly engaged in organic silicon new materials, such as R&D for coupling agent, and application of evaluation work, to meet customer demand.

Core values
quality assurance

As an organosilicone surfactant supplier, Feidianchem knows it to the core that the key part is the stability of product quality. In view of it, the enterprise imposes strict, standard quality control system and standardized procedure. "Standardized manufacture; Normalized quality control; Highly efficient logistics and People-oriented service" is the basic principle that guides Feidianchem in its quality management. Feidianchem will stick to this principle to provide its global users with high quality products as it always does.
As for standardized manufacturing, Feidianchem is committed to enacting and improving operating regulations and working instructions, working strictly in accordance with technical procedures as well as normalizing each working step to ensure the standard of manufacturing technique. Apart from increasing the stability of products by improving technical conditions, Feidianchem has also focused on the potential value of substandard products since the company has been founded. It not only stringently stipulates that substandard products should be placed in the substandard area but also sets up technical team to analyze the cause of the substandard of every batch among products and therefore lowers the rate of producing substandard products from the source.
Feidianchem has also worked hard in promoting the rationality and standard of quality control methods. Now, the company has obtained ISO9001 quality control certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. For every batch of products, Feidianchem requires the information of raw material procurement, production and processing, sales in different divisions and the feedback from terminal clients to be traceable. What's more, individuals are designated to be responsible for each link. Feidianchem is convinced that only everlasting high quality products can face the challenges of different times bravely.
As an enterprise with strategic development vision, Feidianchem does not view price as an important factor when choosing logistic services, instead it views stable and reliable service as the prerequisite. Among logistics companies mingled with good and bad service, Feidianchem only chooses suppliers that provide high quality logistics service so as to make sure the efficient delivery of the products. In order to meet the requirements of globalized development, Feidianchem seeks to cooperate with logistics suppliers concentrating on providing users around the globe with the first class logistics service which includes package, transportation, load and unload, fund and information processing as well as promising fast delivery and clear goods details.
Feidianchem has the widest coverage in domestic market and the highly professional service team which can help solve pre-sale and after-sale service with great accuracy and efficiency for its clients. When delivering normalized service to clients, Feidianchem tends to meet the personalized demands of numerous clients and truly offer people-oriented service. All in all, Feidianchem can satisfy all your requirements and become your excellent partner.

Cooperative client
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